Dolls Kill exists to empower your individuality and self-expression.

Dolls Kill embraces and supports the LGBTQ community. We say fuck you to homophobia, transphobia, & gender norms.

Dolls Kill condemns racism, prejudice, and hate. We believe in showcasing diversity & being inclusive in everything we do.

Dolls Kill supports emerging artists, designers, and originality. We partner with & support hundreds of small artists & emerging brands.

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“Dolls Kill is Racist / anti-BLM” — Not true. A post meant to convey support for BLM was taken out of context. We stand behind BLM and the fight for equality and we make ongoing contributions to POC community orgs, including $100K to the NAACP. Get the facts here.

“Dead Girls Can’t Say No” — We never created or sold this t-shirt. Get the facts here.

Dolls Kill is anti-sex worker and has fired employees for being strippers” — Not true. We support strippers and frequently work with all types of sex workers.

“Dolls Kill believes goth is white” — Not true. We believe goth is for everyone & did not create that sweatshirt. Get the facts here.

“Dolls Kill rips off their designs and steals ideas from independent artists” — Not true. We strive for originality in all of our products and creative concepts. Of the thousands of products we launch a year, there are some that are too close to their inspiration. Please report them here.


If you see something on our site that is offensive or violates the rights of another party or for any other reason needs our attention, please report it here.

If you see something that looks too similar to a Dolls Kill product, please report it here.