Just In: Betty Boop EVERYTHING

Boop Oop We Do!

With her sexy pinup style and playful character, it’s hard not to love her. Considering how free-spirited and independent she is, it’s almost hard to believe she got her start in the 30’s. And like any badass babe, she’s stood the test of time. She’s considered the most famous sex symbol in animation, and just like Betty, we’re pretty xxxtra ourselves. So naturally, we had to make this collection hotter than ever.

Betty woulda been a DK girl for sure—sexy, tough and obviously rebellious. Channel her vibe with a sick ‘fit and attitude to match. And like our dolls, she’s a do-it-all kinda girl. She’s starred in two comic strips, a radio show, and two network animated musical specials. #GOALZ

From her flapper hair to her pinup appeal, Betty is a whole ass mood! Fun fact: she actually ran for president in 1980 with the slogan “Don’t be a poop, vote for Boop!” Gotta respect the hustle!

And if you’re considering joining the Betty Boop look-a-like contest in LA, (Yes, it’s totally a thing!) you’ve come to the right spot for the drip. Dangerously tight mini dresses, sky-high heels, bling and all. But honestly, these looks are for wherever, WHENEVER.

Catch the vibe and channel your inner Boop when you shop the collection 💋