the truth about BLM

TRUTH: Dolls Kill condemns racism, prejudice, and hate. We’ve always supported BLM & fundamentally believe in using your voice to enact change.

In June 2020 during BLM, our founder posted an image on her personal Instagram showing the Dolls Kill store behind a row of riot cops with the caption “Direct Action in its glory. #blacklivesmatter”. “Direct Action” is a phrase that’s been used by political activists like Martin Luther King to describe the use of nonviolent protests to achieve demands.

The post was meant to convey support for the BLM community, but the image was broadly misinterpreted as being pro-police, and shared widely on social media.

For a brand like ours, that stands for self-empowerment and individuality, we were especially sorry for how the message came across.

We want to make clear that we 100% condemn racism, bigotry and all forms of hate. We fundamentally believe in unapologetic self expression, especially in the face of oppression, and encourage everyone to use their voice to make a difference and enact change.

We have since made numerous contributions to support Black, POC, Asian & LGBTQ communities, including a $100K donation to the NAACP. You can read more about these donations here.

We also launched a program Pass The Spotlight, where we committed to buying $1 Million dollars worth of product from Black-owned brands and partner with each brand to donate 100% of the profits to organizations of their choice. Beneficiaries include Clean Up South Central, Black Career Women’s Network, The Black Sex Worker’s Collective, Stop AAPI Hate & more.. You can read more about Pass The Spotlight here.