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we asked this fierce & fabulous trans activist & model to come show off that body in some of her fave stylez

We are huge fans of trans activist and model Kyler O’Neal, especially for her ability to share her story so fearlessly. This is Kyler O’Neals story.

Can you tell us a bit about who you are?

Hey—my name is Kyler O’Neal and I am a singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer. I am a male to female trans woman.

 When do you feel most confident?

Because being trans you have body dysmorphia and gender dysmorphia, so there’s this constant mental battle with your image. What really boosted my confidence was finding the looks that compliment me most and that I feel confident enough in to let my light shine bright. And for some people that’s like makeup and whatever, for me it’s like hair, attire, and a little makeup. External was a big key factor, so you know I got some work done, some FFS up in there and some breast augmentation. They’re a little small, but they’re mine, don’t judge me.

Do you have any advice for your younger self?

I would just tell younger me to just hold out, it doesn’t get any easier being different, but it definitely gets better.

I mean, look, I’m doing this and I’m doing a lot of other things too, that I never would have imagined or saw myself doing when I was in the sixth grade. I mean, at that time, I was just like, I want to be a girl, I want to become a girl, like I feel this way and you know, here I am. I hope that other people who are like me or who can relate to what I’ve shared, find some inspiration and that’s all I gotta say.

To hear more about Kyler’s journey, watch our full video interview or follow her @kylerzworld on Instagram <3