the real @india.wav

We Get 2 Know This Dancing Queen in Her Fave Stylez.

Kimberley Crawford, known on Instagram as @india.wav on Instagram is a DJ and exotic dancer who is speaking out against the stigma of sex work and unrealistic beauty standards. She’s pretty badass. This is Kimberley Crawford’s story.

Can you introduce yourself to the Dolls Kill community?

I’m Kimberly and everyone knows me as @india.wav on Instagram. I’m a DJ and I’m also an exotic dancer. I like to basically say I’m not really from anywhere. I moved around a lot as a kid.

Do you think exotic dancers get an unfair rap?

I think when you’re an exotic dancer or work in that industry, people tend to have a certain stigma about what you are and who you are. I’m just a regular ass person.

What do you wish people knew about exotic dancers?

I just want to say that I’m college educated, most of us are, we’re actually all pretty smart, so stop thinking we’re fucking dumb. People tend to think like strippers and whatever, like anybody who’s a sex worker, they just think we’re stupid and I just want to say that I’m college educated, most of us are, we’re actually all pretty smart, so stop thinking we’re fucking dumb, because we’re not for the most part. Like we’re moms, we’re college students. I know one girl who’s a fucking lawyer, like another one is a doctor and we’re regular people just like everyone else. Like we’re not we’re not bad people. It’s even worse if you’re a woman of color or a Black woman in that industry because we get like ostracized a lot, like a lot of clubs will not hire us. I’ve actually had a club tell me that they’ve met their Black quota for the month. And I was just like, oh okay, and that wasn’t that long ago. So like this is still happening. I’ve been a model since I was a kid and I’ve had agencies that didn’t want to work with me because again, because I’m black. So it’s difficult in this industry for Black women as well. I was left out of a lot of castings. I was told that you know, I’m too short. I had a baby so I had stretch marks and because I had stretch marks and cellulite and all these imperfections like no one would want to work with you and I thought it was kind of fucked up because I feel like in this industry there’s space for everyone.

When did you start dancing?

I’ve been dancing for about ten years, probably a little bit more than that. I love to dance, like I’ve been dancing my entire life. I love being on stage.

Any words of wisdom to share?

For a company like Dolls Kill to recognize me and have me here to do this is just like a huge deal for me. One of my really good friends, I call her my stripper mom and she always says, if they’re not fucking you, feeding you, or financing you, their opinion doesn’t matter, so I would like to just pass that on to everyone else.

To hear more about Kimberly’s journey, watch our full video interview or follow her @india.wav on Instagram <3