show ur pride

Hear from our amazing cast of the 2021 pride campaign, celebrating our newest collection from Club Exx.

A portion of sales from this XXXclusive Club Exx Collection will be donated to True Colors United, a diverse & inclusive safe space for homeless LGBTQ youth ❤️

I express myself by being this confident, swaggy sexy individual who you can’t tell sh*t to.


How do you identify? Gay Male

How do you express yourself? Through my energy, through my conversation, through dance, through my fashion..

What is your coming out story? I remember I came out to my mom first, and she was like ‘cool, love you, always going to love you anyway.” So I have a great supportive family, I’m very very lucky to have that, and I have great friends that support me as well.

What advice to you give? When I came out I totally embodied everything I thought gay was. I started dressing different and acting different and talking different, and that wasn’t genuine to who I am…

Who you like and who you choose to date doesn’t have to chance who you were.. there’s no blueprint to this, just be yourself.

If we saw you at a party.. where would you be? On the dance floor. If you don’t see me on the dance floor, I’m not there..

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How do you identify? Black Queer Woman

What is your coming out story? Honestly, I was struggling a lot with defining my sexuality.. because sometimes I would be more into women, or I wouldn’t be into anything or I would be into men.. and I got tired of it, and I just like what I like and I don’t have to explain that to people. It’s OK to feel fluidity with yourself.

What do you want to tell your younger self? I wish I could tell myself that my body and the way that it looks isn’t the only thing about me that matters because I am the biggest I have ever been right now, and I got this job, and I’ve never modeled before and its been my dream, and I am happier right now than I have ever been in my life. Even at my smallest I was the saddest I’ve ever been. So my body size doesn’t necessarily align with my happiness and I wish I knew that when I was younger.

What advice would you give? I wish people would stop trying to figure out who they are. They’ll never figure it out…

I think part of the human experience is not exactly knowing who you are at all moments and just like living.

Just be who you are in the moment. You don’t have to like define yourself every waking minute of the day.

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