pass the spotlight: sweet cookies

meet Starr, the CEO of sweet cookies wash, an all-natural feminine hygeine brand 4 badass babez

Sweet Cookies, founded by Starr Dawkins, is a brand that makes natural products designed to treat your sweet spot right. They create products for those who value confidence, self care, and natural products. We chat with their founder Starr.

Can you tell us a little bit about you and your business?

I am the CEO of Sweet Cookie Wash, an all natural feminine hygiene brand where you know, we keep your cookie fresh and we keep your cookie clean for a badass woman that’s confident.

What is the Pass the Spotlight program and how do you feel being a part of it?

Pass the Spotlight is a program that I’m so blessed to be a part of. Dolls Kill committed a million dollars to Black owned companies. They’re basically investing the money in our products, selling it on their website and all the proceeds go to charity. The charities that we’re donating to is a black sex workers collective, A Long Walk Home.

Why did you choose to start Sweet Cookie?

The Cookie wash brand started because of my followers. I was in LA trying to be like a struggling actress living on somebody’s couch. I had a sex blog and obviously, if you talk about sex, you got to talk about the cleanup. So I would tell them all the natural remedies you could use to clean yourself. People were like, well why don’t you sell this stuff because you’re broke anyways, I ended up selling water on the side of the road. But that wasn’t enough money. So I was like, Okay, you’re an actress, you can get on Instagram and act, and people will buy in a pre-order. So that’s what I did. I was on Instagram, like, “Let’s see, you gotta lay off the chemicals. You got to, you know, put natural stuff on your cookie, you gotta step your cookies up.” I would tell them all the ingredients I was selling the benefit of the ingredients and people bought into it.

How would you describe the Sweet Cookie brand?

I would say the cookie wash brands is plain and simple—confidence. You can be confident that the ingredients used in the products are 100% safe, plant based. You could be confident when you go to the bathroom. You could be confident in the bedroom. You could be confident you gonna be smelling fresh and nice throughout the day, even if it’s hot. No matter what you do, you’re gonna be confident down there.

What value does Sweet Cookie provide to your customers?

The work that my company does is super important. Because a lot of women don’t really know about feminine hygiene. It’s not a hot topic. It’s always been taboo. I felt like it was important for us to come along and normalize the conversation and boost your confidence.

To hear more about Starr, watch our full video interview or follow her @sweetcookies876_____ on Instagram <3