pass the aux: vday playlist

Lights Down Low, Volume Way Up

Your V-Day playlist is here…

This night’s all about you, babe. Whether ur celebrating with bae, ur girlz, or kickin’ it solo…it’s a celebration either way, and it’s time to bring the va va VOOM! For starters, ur gonna need a killer GRWM song. Something to hype you up while you doll tf up! Let’z get into it…

Date Night GRWM

Girlz Only

Cute but xxxtra af sleep sets ON, champagne is poured and ur bestie’s at ur side. There’s gonna be a lot of dancing on furniture and most likely a few serenades into a hairbrush. (But who cares, right?) Play this one for a little nostalgia.

The Pre-Game

You know the vibe. Ur decked to the nines and lookin’ hot af, ur date is inevitably late and you need something to prep you for the night out.

Car Ride ‘N Vibe

Ur en route to the restaurant with ur boo, knowing damn well it’z about to go down. It’z time to let ’em know what they’re in for, so obviously you play this…

Post-Date Get-Down

When it comes time to change into “something a little more comfortable,” THIS is what you wear AND what you play. All eyez on you, babe!

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