new brand: Dolls Home

We’re taking over your whole home with the new Dolls Kill Home line. 

Did you hear the news? Now, your closet isn’t the only one having all the fun. For years you’ve asked us to give you everything you need to create spaces that really get you. You ask—we deliver. We’re taking over your whole home with the new Dolls Kill Home line. 

For a little insider info, we spoke w/ designer Char Tedrick for the scoop on how the Dolls Kill Home line came to life. Spoiler alert—you have her to thank for your next home makeover.

The Inspiration

The Dolls Kill customer is whoever they want to be and we want to help them create spaces that align w/ their personal style. We have BIG plans for the Dolls Kill Home line, but to start, we designed everything you need to create the goth or girly home of your dreamz.

“We really approached both vibes simultaneously and created a room for each of them,” Char explained, “That expands from textiles and bedding, to decor and pillows, to all of these products that could build a room or be a single item or a gift.”

The goal of this initial launch was to give you everything you needed to make your space feel like you.

Char’s deep knowledge of what makes our dolls tick really came into play here. This isn’t Char’s first rodeo w/ Dolls Kill. Years ago she worked w/ Dolls Kill as the company’s first in-house designer and came back to get the Home line off the ground in 2020.

“Once we really got to work, I learned that this new category was a really big initiative for the company and saw how much endless opportunity was there and untapped” Char said.

The Launch

“We really came out with a bang for this launch,” Char shared. 

Our typical collection drops are around 30 to 50 pieces, but the initial Home collection was made up of around 100 styles. “Now we’re hitting the ground running and we have collections dropping every few months. We have 3 new collections already designed, produced and waiting in the wings to drop in 2022 with 2 more that will round out the year and we’re off to the races!” Char noted..

Char feels that Dolls Kill is becoming a one stop shop for alternative home products and is ready for the challenge, “It’s our responsibility as designers to try to bring a fresh take and give the customer something new and super special. That’s the challenge and what we strive to do every day in what we bring to the table.”


If neither goth nor girly suit your vibes, don’t worry. Char revealed that there’s a lot more variety coming down the pipeline.

“Dolls Home is definitely not limited only to the goth girl or the princess girl,” Char continued, “That’s just where we started. And from there we’re rolling out tons of variety and other vibes,… super wild raver styles, fun electric neon kind of crazy stuff and so much more.”

“Every collection has kind of a different look and feel so there’s definitely going to be something for everyone. It’s going to be expanding and moving and changing with every drop.”