meet our krew: Eli

meet the creator of all ur club exx favs, including this years pride collection

We invite you to Meet Our Krew. We’re giving a glimpse into what it’s like to work @ Dolls Kill and the personalities that keep things moving in this series that shines a light on some of our brightest stars. 

If you’re a fan of our Pride collections, we have a feeling you’ll love gaining insight into Eli’s design process. Eli is here to make Pride party ready. He designed this year’s ClubExx Pride collection which made it possible to fabulously celebrate Pride @ home or on the streets.

What do you do at Dolls Kill?

 I’ve worked at Dolls Kill for three years. I designed the ClubExx label and I designed the ClubExx Pride collection.

What is your favorite thing about the Pride collection?

 I love that you can wear this in your room, take a really great picture for Instagram, or you go out and party for Pride. I’m so excited to see it out and about and specifically for this collection we wanted it to be in or out.

How do you feel about your time at Dolls Kill?

Dolls Kill has changed my life immensely just in terms of like loving what you design, loving that you can design crazy things and that people are actually like into it.

What charity did the Pride collection support?

The charity this year with model Lilah. It’s called True Colors United. It helps homeless youth in the LGBTQ community. However you identify, whatever your version of LGBTQ is, this charity will help you if you’re in need.

What do you wish people would take away from this collection?

I really hope that this collection helps everyone celebrate the wins they want to celebrate. If you want to stay home and celebrate for yourself, do it. If you want to go out and you want to look stunning. We got it for you.

To get your hands on Eli’s designs, look no further than our ClubExx collection

To hear more about Eli’s design process, watch our full video interview.