how its made: dELiA*s

dELiA*s gets our 90’s loving hearts pumping

Most brands don’t like to lift the curtain (too messy), but we’ve never been good @ keeping secrets. In our social series—How It’s Made—we give a behind the scenes look @ how we made some of our favorite collections. From the inspiration for the collection to the design process to the final product, we want you to be w/ us every step of the way.

Up next? Our collaboration with dELiA*s.

The History of dELiA*s 

dELiA*s gets our 90’s loving hearts pumping. Even if you weren’t a 90’s baby, you know you’d kill to find their catalogue in your mailbox. This beloved catalogue based brand encouraged women to find their voices and didn’t give a crap about boys, dating, or fitting into a cookie cutter mold. dELiA*s turned a shopping corner when malls were all the rage and the internet wasn’t a major shopping destination yet. 

So why did dELiA*s strike such a nerve with 90’s teens?

dELiA*s made fashion democratic. Full stop. Because their catalogue shipped all over the country, no matter where you lived, you had access to the latest and greatest styles. Teens were no longer regulated to the local mall, which made it a way easier to embrace their style. Their customers’ voices mattered to them, no matter what that voice was. Obviously, this is a value shared by Dolls Kill. 

As a bonus, there was no need to beg mom and dad for a ride to the mall 🙄
Not to mention, their nationally distributed catalogue killed the idea of regional dressing and united women from all over the country—girl power was always on the table. At one point, 55 million people were opening their mailboxes to find a dELiA*s catalogue waiting and ready to transform their closets.

The GrOoVy Collection

Now that you know the backstory, are you ready for the REALLY good part? Dolls Kill is bringing dELiA*s back—you’re welcome.  As much as we miss the days of sitting around pouring through the latest dELiA*s catalogue, we’re going to keep things digital. You know, for the sake of the trees. 

Want to learn more about the latest drop? This is an inside view of how we created such a Groovy collection.