how its made: satin mini dress

Most brands don’t like to lift the curtain (too messy), but we’ve never been good @ keeping secrets. In our social series—How It’s Made—we give a behind the scenes look @ how we made some of our favorite collections. From the inspiration for the collection to the design process to the final product, we want you to be w/ us every step of the way.

Up next? Our viral Current Mood satin mini dress

The inspo:

Our team was inspired by the cottage core trend we’ve been obsessin’ over lately. Referencing an old vintage maxi for the dress body, our designers came up with a fresh take on a ruffle layered mini skirt.

The process:

Our designers usually start out with sketching out a few potential concepts for a dress. We send the best ones to our manufacturers and get samples produced. Then in model fittings we refine the fit and the cut in an iterative process before moving to final production. What you see on our website is the culmination of months of work bringing a product to life.

The result:

Here’s a peak at the finished product, and some of our fave dolls showing it off…