horoscopez: aquarius szn

Aquarius: Bass Up, Baddies Down Low

All signs point 2 sexy minis, cute af cutouts & tracksuits for the taking. Let’z get into it…

Ur a natural born hustler and It’s ur time to shine BB. When ur ruling planet Uranus comes into alignment, so will new opportunities and relationships. Time to earn that bag and break heartz with ur badass style and fine ass lookz.

Attitude on f*ck that—take no prisoners when it comes to ur game plan, babe. Career opportunities are headed ur way and it’s time to seize them.

Steal heartz & blog about it later—romance is in ur favor. It’s cool to crush on someone, but don’t forget to keep ur eye on the prize.

With Saturn as ur ruling planet, ur no stranger to breaking the rules. Now’s your time to get inspired, stand out and be xxxtra af!

With ur Aquarius season all laid out and some kewt looks to go with, there’s only one thing left to do, babe…SHOP! Let’s put those plans to action and look hot while doing it.

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